Arthur Azoulai (France)

Co-Founder & Designer

Diego Taccioli (Argentina)

Co-Founder & Designer

NINETEEN is an innovative brand of unique, sculptural jewelry that fuses an organic aesthetic with today's top 3D printing processes. Created by the founders of Slicelab, XIX uses the highest caliber of precious materials and technology through a distinctively evolved approach to contemporary design and wearable objects. 

The Nexus Collection is XIX's breakthrough series of earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets inspired by a complex set of precise yet unpredictable lines found in the natural world. Paying homage to these organic elements, XIX simultaneously surpasses them; by designing intricately detailed structures that can only be realized through creative digital innovation, XIX yields unprecedented achievements in jewelry design. Bold, sculptural, and elegant, the Nexus Collection is available on a commission basis, with custom materials and finishes available.